Situated in a beautiful part of Kent the Willesborough Health Centre staff became worried by the risk of attack.

The curved desk is longer than in many surgeries and Screen Plus were briefed to design a full length rugged security glass screen with carefully positioned Speech Gaps to provide good direct speech between staff and visitors at the receptionists' positions and at the DDA desk. A package transfer position for packages to be passed either way without exposing staff to risk.

The design protects the staff from attack while enabling normal speech communications and transfer of documents and packages to be conducted without exposing staff to risk.

As ever, a further attraction is the welcome protection of staff from draughts.

Screen Plus experienced staff and designers will custom design to withstand the level of hostility required by its clients while providing excellent  speech communication and convenient transfer of documents and packages.

We design security screens for small to large desks in every situation such as hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies, universities, colleges and schools, mother and child protection units, car parks, hotels and restaurants, court rooms and round the clock facilities.

Screen Plus custom designs security screens to meet the conditions specified by the client. High levels of hostility can be designed for including bullet proof against the types of firearms specified by the client.

Products [+]

Screen Plus post mounted high strength security glass system.

Screen Plus High Strength Safety Glass.

Screen Plus glass security posts.

Services [+]

A careful analysis by an innovative design team calling upon their years of experience to prepare a design that safeguards both the staff and the confidentiality of the reception desk in an economical manner.

A free quote and proposal drawing of the bespoke security desk.

Installation at a time convenient to the client.