The reception desk positioned between two large rotating glass doors was subject to strong gusts of wind across the receptionists. Screen Plus were invited to propose draught protection without interfering with the receptionist to visitor accessibility, the good all round visibility  or with the atrium excellent natural and artificial lighting.

Screen Plus’ innovative glass design team prepared proposal drawings and free quotations to arrive at a bespoke design that met the many design requirements and constraints. The stainless steel post mounted high strength security glass system was used with Screen Plus established post to floor structural adhesive system to avoid damaging  the under floor heating system. Access for wheelchair users at the DDA desk was provided using lockable sliding glass hatch doors in the glass panels to keep out draughts

Products [+]

Screen Plus stainless steel post mounted high strength glass partition system.

Screen Plus Post to floor structural adhesive system.

Services [+]

An experienced structural glass innovative design and development team available to develop innovative designs.

Free quotations and innovative designs prepared for unique design challenges.

Manufacture and installation to meet the needs of clients.

Vinyl and glass etching for manifestation and marketing requirements.